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Want to book us?

We are available to hire at a fee for fetes, parties, weddings (we love a good wedding!), bar and bat mitzvahs, and many events in between.  For charity events, we’ll do our best to give you a fair rate.

We will give you an answer as quickly as we can, however please do bear in mind that as most of us have day jobs and we do get out and about a lot, it may take a few days to confirm your booking, especially if it is for daytime on a week day.

If your booking is at very short notice, i.e. within the same or the following week, we will pull out all the stops to get you a reply but people still have to put in holiday requests and sort out their schedules etc so please bear with us!

Either fill in the form below, or give our bagperson (yes, that’s an official title) Diane a buzz on or 07889272404.